This is my comic/passion project,Mauveine! It's a project thats been (too many) years in the making,and it's now running as a weekly webcomic. It's also available on Tapastic & Webtoons if you prefer reading webcomics in their formats! Regardless,thank you for visiting and reading the comic! Any updates to the comic and website will be posted below.

I'm too busy to update this website each week because of the amount of coding it takes to do,but im still updating each Tuesday onTapastic & Webtoons. I'll rebuild this website with a proper domain & all if there are enough people interested in my comic having its own site. Thank you for visiting!

5/23/18 - The art style has been changed back to black and white- this is alot easier for me to manage right now. Im hoping to try out some new things with this style as well. Thank you for continuing to support my work!
1/15/18 - Chapter two has been completed! Chapter three is going to slow down with only 1-2 pages a week,but they will be in full color. Character questions will be a new part of the comic as well,where characters answer any questions the readers might have. Click 'Character Q&A' to go to that page!
1/15/18 - Updated the home page & added Character Q&A section,as well as a comic archive.

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